We offer a unique AND affordable framing service, using recycled materials. All of our frames are recycled, reused, and vintage! “New” frames are brought in each week, which means our selection is wide and constantly changing. We have an array of matte options, including a variety of colors. Did I mention it is also affordable?? Our prices are based on size, ranging between $10-$50, and $10 per matte board cut. These prices include, time, glass, and materials.

All of our vintage clothes are hand picked based on condition, size, and style. We have a wide variety of vintage men’s pearl snap shirts, and women’s vintage dresses. All of our dresses are reconstructed to give a more modern fit. Prices are simple; all reconstructed vintage dresses are $36, all vintage pearl snaps are $21.

Our selection may be small, but we promise, it will not disappoint! We carry a collection of vinyl records, all the popular stuff. Beatles, Talking Heads, Smiths, Velvet Underground, Zeppelin, Lightnin’ Hopkins, and more. Each is in pristine condition!

We make our ceramic coasters, tempered glass cutting boards, ceramic trivets, metal plate magnets, and dog tags using a multistep heat process. Each product features our own photography and is printed by owners, Jennifer and Joseph Worth, right here in Austin, TX.

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